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Reasons why you should bring your Dog to the Scottish Highlands

We all love our dogs, so let’s make them as happy as they make us! Our Canine Conceirge here at Kilcamb Lodge has come up with a few reasons why you should bring your dog to the Scottish Highlands. Take a look… 

1. Because the Scottish Highlands have the best crystal clear waters for a great swim!

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Photo by J-An DeArk Torres RGDC

2. Because we love all the Wildlife here...

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Photo by Aussiegall

3. Because there are the best white sandy and deserted beaches for a run...

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Photo by Wynand Strydom

4. Because we just want to play!

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Photo by Joan Valencia

5. Because there are SO SO many mountains to climb!

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Photo by Kerr MacKenna

6. Because we PROMISE to always smile for your holiday photos...

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Photo by Jen Muller

7. Because there are so many great walks and dog friendly things to do in the Scottish Highlands...

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Photo by Sam Saunders

8. Because we want to feel the wind in our hair...

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Photo by Lju Photo

9. Because we love the romantic setting...

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Photo by Pink Sherbert Photography

10. Because after all you put us through, we deserve some time off...

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Photo by Pets Advisor

11. I mean, well deserved time off...

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12. But we would still do anything for a holiday...

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Photo by Superfantastic

13. Because we are all packed and ready to go!

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Photo by Leposava

14. Because, as your best friend, we know you will have a great time too!

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Photo by William Whyte

15. Because Kilcamb Lodge is the comfiest place in the world and there are always Doggy treats & Toys waiting for you when you get back to Kilcamb Lodge!

FYI, I am the black doggy,  Spike, the canine concierge at Kilcamb- and these are my best buds! We would love to meet you!
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Photo by my mum. 
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