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Wildlife to look out for in the Scottish Highlands

Samantha Urban August 19 2014

 The Scottish Highlands have arguably some of the best Wildlife around, and during your stay here at Kilcamb Lodge, we can direct you to the best stops to get some great glimpses of these incredible creatures. If you are looking for things to do in the Scottish Highlands, spotting the beautiful wildlife that resides here in Scotland should definitely be at the top of your list. Have a look at...

Reasons why you should bring your Dog to the Scottish Highlands

Samantha Urban July 29 2014

We all love our dogs, so let’s make them as happy as they make us! Our Canine Conceirge here at Kilcamb Lodge has come up with a few reasons why you should bring your dog to the Scottish Highlands. Take a look…  1. Because the Scottish Highlands have the best crystal clear waters for a great swim! Photo by J-An DeArk Torres RGDC 2. Because we love all the Wildlife here...

Scottish Wedding Traditions

Samantha Urban July 28 2014

  If you are considering a Wedding in Scotland and in particularly, a Wedding venue in the Scottish Highlands, then why not incorporate some of the age-old Scottish wedding traditions into your big day? We have our favourites here for you…     A Sixpence in the Bride's Shoe   A sixpence coin may be placed in the bride's shoe to help bring her good luck, and so...


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