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The History

Kilcamb Lodge has seen many changes since the 18th Century. It has been the home of an Admiral, a Church Minister and a Schoolteacher as well as a Hunting Lodge for the landed gentry. Kilcamb back then would not have had the two imposing stone wings to the West and East. These were added in Victorian times. The house was then transformed as only the Victorians could, into a fine and much larger home. It must have been an impressive sight in those days when twelve gardeners tended the grounds. The Bathing House is a typical if rather frivolous Victorian "folly" but it was indeed used by the Victorian owners of Kilcamb whose servants lit roaring fires inside and supplied hot water and towels to welcome guests returning from bathing in Loch Sunart. The fireplace and stout walls remain today as testament to its Victorian builders.

Immediately after World War II, Dr Fraser Darling resided here at Kilcamb where he wrote the widely acclaimed "West Highland Survey" Some of his books, with references to Kilcamb, can be found on the shelves in the Drawing Room.

It was not until 1960 that Kilcamb became a hotel. Today, under the proud ownership of Sally & David Ruthven-Fox, it is without doubt that Kilcamb Lodge will continue to prosper and offer warm and welcoming hospitality to all those fortunate enough to enter its doors and sample the special atmosphere of this lovely Highland retreat.