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Experience the Wild Beauty of Ardnamurchan in the Scottish Highlands

The long dark of winter felt particularly bleak this year. Not least, because we’ve been locked down and unable to get out and about. However, the sun has finally returned, and the land is turning green once more. Restrictions are, at last, easing, and soon enough we’ll be allowed the full freedom of travelling around without needing to stay in self-contained accommodation.

We’re all desperate for a holiday. To get away from our locality. Especially those in cities, who have experienced the most stifling effects of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s cabin fever on a national scale. Much like last summer, this summer is going to see a staycation boom, with people looking to escape to rural places for some critical space and relaxation.

In the UK, when you think of seclusion, raw beauty, and wide-open limits there’s only once place that, truly, meets the romantic ideal. The Scottish Highlands, of course. Not all the Highlands feel quiet in the summer, but here on the remote and untouched Ardnamurchan Peninsula we’re away from it all. It’s timeless, in the best possible way.

Ardnamurchan in Scottish Highlands

What to See in Ardnamurchan

The thing about Scottish tourism, like any country, is that certain flagship places get focused on. Such as The Isle of Skye, Edinburgh, Glen Coe, Loch Lomond, Loch Ness, and so on. These places are undeniably lovely, and have long been popular, but there’s much more to Scotland. The Highlands are a vast place, with lots of unspoilt, scenic places many might never have heard of.

Ardnamurchan is one of these places. A wilderness area, known for its array of wildlife and authentic remote feel. The jewel in the crown of the West Highlands, touted by many as one of Scotland’s best kept secrets.

If you’re thinking of visiting Ardnamurchan this summer, here are some ideas of what to do and see – beyond eating fine food, and drinking fine whisky here at Kilcamb Lodge, obviously.

There’s also a natural history centre on the peninsula, whale and wildlife watching tours (whales, eagles, and dolphins), bike and kayak hire options, distilleries, and a general sense of adventure.

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Ardnamurchan – a Land of Ancient Rainforest

Alongside its adventure activities Ardnamurchan is famous for having some of the last remaining remnants of temperate rainforest in the UK, once abundant down the western seaboard. In Scotland, it’s known as Celtic rainforest or Atlantic Oakwoods – known for high rainfall and a diversity of plant life, including rare lichens. These ancient pockets of woodland, make for magical hiking environments, and are another reason to visit Ardnamurchan.

Isle of Skye

Sensitive Tourism in Scotland

As aforementioned, the summer of 2021 is set to be a busy one for Scotland. Some of the villages, roads, attractions, and landmarks are likely to be popular. Tourism is welcomed with open arms, but people must remember to treat their holiday destinations as they would their home. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that others live where we holiday.

It’s also worth broadening your exploration horizons, and not limiting yourself to the most obvious cultural, architectural, and natural sights. There’s so much of Scotland to see, it’d be silly not to venture off the beaten track.

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